General Designer

TEHNOGRAPH Architectural Bureau provides services as the General Designer, including:

• development of variants of the design concept, assistance to the Customer to determine the optimal variant;

• drafting of conclusions about the initial data’ necessity and sufficiency for the beginning of design works;

• development of an architectural and urban planning solution, support for its coordination with the City’ authorities;

• preparation of tasks for designing (one-, two-stage);

• development of design& budget documentation necessary to obtain a positive opinion of the  Examination of design decisions expert committee (state or non-governmental examination);

• preparation of tasks for engineering surveys, including geodetic, geological and ecological surveys;

• engineering surveys, and their coordination;

• preparation of Tasks for surveys of critical structures of buildings or engineering systems; - carrying out surveys of critical structures of buildings or engineering systems;

• development of special sections of the Design (including special technical conditions, traffic management projects, technological regulations);

• support of the Customer during the examination of design decisions while obtaining a positive Expert Opinion;

• Author's supervision in the process of construction;

• prompt introduction of changes or additions to the design documentation during the project implementation;

• development of design for external networks (water supply, water disposal, electricity supply, gas supply);

• coordination of external networks’ projects in the estabpshed order.

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