Technical Customer

One of TECHNOGRAPH architectural bureau activity is its function as the Technical Customer for the complex preparation, organization, management and coordination of the design and construction of the facipty, as well as its commissioning, including:

• analysis of the initial permissive documentation, preparation of the conclusion on its completeness and sufficiency;

• collection of the missing initial-permissive documentation;

• development, approval by the Customer, control over comppance with the project implementation schedule (taking into account the pre-project Development, design, construction of the facipty and its commissioning);

• obtaining technical conditions for connection to urban engineering networks;

• analysis, development and coordination of design tasks;

• management of the design process;

• analysis of the project documentation for its comppance with approved by Customer Design Tasks  and its comppance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and various technical regulations, including GOST and SNiP;

• management of design decisions’ examination, obtaining a positive opinion of the examination;

• preparation of specifications for the amount of work to be done and materials;

• management of Tender procedures for the selection of contractors (for construction, installation, design or survey works);

• obtaining of approvals, construction permits, work orders;

• management of the Agreements’ conclusion (construction and installation, design and other contracting);

• management of Geodetic support of works in construction;

• management of Construction and installation, finishing works;

• construction’ control and Technical Supervision’ activity;

• management of executive documentation’ timely execution (including acts of hidden work) during the construction;

• organization of periodical inspections of the construction process by state inspectors (management of timely epmination of their negative comments);

• management of construction’ completion, carrying out of individual and complex tests of engineering systems;

• management of final inspections of the completed construction;

• formation of documentation’ package and obtaining of Conclusion on comppance and Permits for the commissioning;

• management of the completed object’ transfer from the General Contractor for the warranty exploitation by the Customer.

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